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International Recruitment

Why Global?

The job outlook is excellent for international candidates. Currently the global market has the potential to explore more options than ever, cross language barriers, create travel opportunities and fill the increasing needs for personnel that are not being met domestically. Multicultural business communities are becoming a norm in every industry. Itís is important for companies and staff to interact across boarders so that staffing needs can be identified and planned for.

The Goal of USA Staffing Network

USA Staffing Network and NPA Worldwide take advantage of a solid international network based on strong relationships. Our membership in NPA utilizes contacts in 16 nations on 6 continents. By communicating through the use of personal interaction with our clients and candidates, we are able to learn each of their needs and find the solution they are searching for.

With extensive experience in the US market, we are prepared to meet the needs abroad by finding candidates and job opportunities based on skills and qualifications.

Our Plan for Accessing the Global Market

  • Expand awareness of international opportunities
  • Take the time to answer questions and investigate potential markets
  • Get involved in global business, academic and social organizations
  • Create a practical framework of business in order to be consistent
  • Being open to every market and culture by accommodating to their needs
  • Utilizing our resources with those in the international community
  • Communicating effectively by managing each case individually

How We Can Help You

Assisting inÖ

  • Referring you to international recruiters
  • Access to job openings worldwide
  • Information on relocation, travel, and living arrangements
  • Referring you to legal council for questions on visa status, green card, and employment eligibility requirements

In Conclusion

USA Staffing Network and NPA hope to provide a solution that adds to the value of each of our candidates and clients.

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