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For The Company/Client

As a client, we use our extensive networking and database resources to find you the best applicants as quickly as possible. With years of experience, we have the ability and expertise to find interested and available candidates, verify certifications, prescreen candidates, schedule interviews, perform reference checks, present offers, assist in negotiation and more. As a company, we value close relationships with every client and look forward to helping you find the right candidates for all of your current and future openings!

Talent Acquisition

  • It is now more challenging then ever to identify, hire, and retain talented employees.
  • The healthcare sector of staffing has tightened significantly of late and projections show a continued problem for years to come.

Recruiting vs. Ads

  • Many organizations are finding that placing ads does not always attract the best talent.
  • USA Staffing Network Inc. finds those passive candidates that are immersed in their work.

Networking 101

  • Our sourcing utilizes a network that includes:
    • Clients
    • Candidates
    • Educational resources
    • Worldwide recruiting network
    • Cold calls
    • Advertising
    • Professional organizations
    • ...and many others

We get to know you!

  • Our company values every relationship and takes the extra effort to provide the best possible service to you and your organization.
  • As an example, we make it common practice to tour the facility and escort candidates to interviews where possible.
  • Those visits allow us to the management & HR team and see the facility.
  • It is with this valuable knowledge of the people, organization and area that helps close the candidate.

In Closing

  • We would like to schedule a face-to-face or Telephone meeting with you as we look forward to helping you identify the ideal candidates for your future openings.

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